Rock, Mashup
Format : mp3/320Kbps/CBR

01. Wax Audio – Careless Rebel (George Michael + Billy Idol )
02. Childish Gambino vs. Gorillaz – Bone Eastwood
03. Wax Audio – Stayin’ in Black (Bee Gees + AC/DC)
04. Pulga – Adele vs. Linkin Park – Set Fire To The End
05. Kill mR DJ – Marshmello VS Linkin Park VS twenty one pilots – Talking To Wolves (MASHUP)
06. We Will Jump You – House of Pain vs Queen vs AC/DC
07. Kill mR DJ – Linkin Park + Imagine Dragons + Mike Shinoda – In The Natural Start
08. Survivor vs. Adele – Rolling with the r
09. Wax Audio – Metallica Goes To Istanbul
10. Queen + Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Fat Bottomed Alabama
11. KillmRDJ – Twenty one pilots VS Linkin Park VS David Guetta ft. Sia – Rebellium Jumpsuit
12. Wax Audio – The Devils Highway
13. Michael Jackson and Eric Clapton – Billie Cocaine
14. Spiceknot – If You Wanna Breathe My Sulfur
15. Wax Audio – This Aint My Girl
16. Caravan Palace vs. em – The Lone Slim Shady
17. DJ Cummerbund – Play That Funky Music Rammstein
18. Slipknot – Psychosocial But It’s Sexyback by Justin Timberlake
19. FAROFF – PSY vs Ghostbusters – Gangnam Busters
20. Wax Audio – Sad But Superstitious (Stevie Wonder + Metallica)
21. Wiz Khalifa vs. Gorillaz – Feel Good in Black and Yellow
22. Adele Vs em – Let Yourself Skyfall
23. AVICII & RICK ASTLEY – Never Gonna Wake You Up
24. Roland NewAge – Rolling In The Black- ADELE vs AC/DC
25. Kill mR DJ – Bad Wolves / Linkin Park / The Cranberries – One More Zombie
26. Wax Audio – Born In A Bad Place
27. KillmR – em VS Linkin Park – Sing For The Heavy Moment
28. RATT and Marvin Gaye – I Heard it Round and Round the Grapevine
29. Panic! At The Disco vs. KYLE ft. Lil Yachty – iSpy Sins Not Tragedies
30. Wax Audio – Come Together 2008



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